T.I.M. for Christmas

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We’ve added so many things to Slope this year, let’s do one last one, delivered by Santa himself, and I think it’s really terrific: the Trade Idea Maker.


When you go to that page, it presents to you four dropdown menus and three buttons. The dropdown menus are:

  • My Watch Lists – your customized lists from SlopeCharts;
  • Public Watch Lists – predefined lists we’ve made for everyone;
  • Sectors – hundreds of different sectors, each with their own unique list of ticker symbols
  • Companies Reporting Earnings Soon – access the list of companies reporting tomorrow, the next two days, etc.

The way you use this page is simple. You choose a list and then you click a button. That’s all there is to it. For example, I clicked on my watch list with my existing short positions and then clicked the Relative Rotation Graphs button, and I got this:


Using the same watch list, I clicked the Volatility Matrix and got this instead:


Of the three buttons, the one which requires an extra step is SlopeRules Analysis, since you need to select the rule set you would like to apply. After you click the button, you choose the rule set from the dropdown you would like to use, and then it proceeds with calculating the results list.


I designed this page as an extremely efficient way to combine any of the hundreds of lists available to you with the functions on Slope which let you process multiple symbols simultaneously. Even I am starting to lose track of how much stuff is on the site now, so if I have overlooked a tool that would be appropriate for another button, please drop me a line!