Above Average!

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We have an extremely important, and long-requested, improvement in SlopeCharts to announce. This has to do with technical studies: specifically, the moving averages.

We recently expanded our moving averages to four kinds – Simple, Exponential, Weighted, and Hull. Now we have taken things a step further by introducing three levels of granularity Daily, Weekly, and Monthly (whereas before you had no choice but Daily).

You can establish these parameters when you set up any moving average study.


Here, for example, I have created three exponential weekly moving averages with periods of 10, 30, and 50 weeks.


You can see in this chart how weekly moving averages (the green and blue) moving at a much slower, smoother pace than the daily (purple line).


All paying members – – Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond – – have access to technical studies. For these people, I would like you to:

  • Test this new feature and let me know any issues;
  • Suggest some good moving average combinations with some of these longer periods;
  • Share some cool charts you come up with in the comments section (you can share any chart in comments by just clicking the “Send Chart to Comments” icon in the upper left corner of SlopeCharts).