Giant Meteor 2020

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I surrender.

It’s quite evident that my pledge, months ago, to make Slope a politics-free zone was wise, and my decision to set that rule aside was a huge mistake. With rare exceptions (some of whom have written to personally thank me), minds cannot be changed.

I am not only re-asserting my pledge to not publish political posts, but I am extending it to the end of 2020. I cannot imagine the discord that’s coming up with the election, and I don’t want to put myself in the crossfire. I have, incidentally, made private the post SB made last night. I did her a disservice by posting it.

As one final clarification, I want to say I am not ashamed of my political viewpoint. Some assume that I’m some kind of Pelosi-loving, tree-hugging, left coast weirdo. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am basically a combination of libertarian and 1984-style Republican (not “1984” like George Orwell, but 1984 like Ronald Reagan). But that G.O.P. disappeared a long time ago.

The Slope of Hope is, at its core, a platform to find profitable trading ideas via tools centered around technical analysis. As such, the posts will henceforth reflect that, certainly until 2021 is here, and probably beyond.

Further to this point, any Sloper who uses the comments section as a persistent forum for political posts will, I’m sorry to say, simply be banned. I’m not talking about the occasional opinion or sharing of an article. I’m talking about someone whose purpose here seems to be to push some particular narrative. Please email me if any given party seems to be doing that, and I’ll at first try to reason with them and, failing that, just block them altogether. I include myself in this rule, obviously.

I just don’t have the energy or the interest in a political site. Like I said, I was smart to go politics-free months ago, and I was foolish to backslide. Never again.