Meter Improvements

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Product Development at Slope is definitely heating up again, as you’ve probably noticed. I’m pleased to let you know we’ve made a slick little improvement in the Market Meter. First of all, keep in mind you can see this “only on Slope” creation in three different places.

The first is on the Market Meter page itself:


Then there’s the Meter Matrix page:


Finally, within SlopeCharts itself, you can Market Meter from the Tools menu.


So what’s new, you ask? Why, this little fellow right here:


This does a couple of things. First, it gives you a sense as to where the meter is in terms of its representation of market strength. Second, and more importantly, it lets you “drag back” to a given point in time to see, on that day, what the meter looked like. You’ll find this slider exists in all three instances.