Past Saving

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About a week ago, I did a post called Mondo Destructo which mentioned that I had gathered up 170 symbols into a shared watch list called Destructo which housed all the most-battered equities from the selloff (remember that? The one that ended on March 23 so suddenly?)

On the whole, these battered stocks have been the ones bouncing the strongest. I must say, however, that some of these are in such dreadful condition, even in this hyper-stimulated “market” of ours, that I can only assume they’re heading for the dustbin of corporate history. Check out these poor beasts:

slopechart BGG
slopechart CBL
slopechart CHK
slopechart CHS
slopechart CPE
slopechart DNR
slopechart NBR
slopechart NE
slopechart PEI
slopechart UNT