Upgrade for Trade Machine

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Since we are heading into the thick of earnings season, I think this is quite germane: I have been delighted at how many Slopers have subscribed to the Trade Machine Pro product. I got word from my friend Ophir, its founder, that they did a big upgrade, so I wanted to share this: there are three substantial upgrades to Trade Machine.

1. We have a new model built specially for bear markets, “Buy the Sell-off,” and it is remarkably powerful. Here’s a quick look:

This model is now in the pro scanner, under “Never Trade Earnings” as “Buy the Sell-off.”

This model will now appear on the Today Tab.

2. We have added custom RSI as a technical condition as opposed to just the 20-day RSI.

3. We have added the ability to use technical closes.

This is the start to what will make Trade Machine a full fledged technical modeling and backtesting platform.

In the near future, you will be able to build technical models using only charts and visualizations, before ever hitting the ‘backtest’ button.

Sometimes building with your eyes can get you to your end point faster than clicking buttons.

As always, you can check the technical conditions of your stocks in real-time on our Pivot Points Tab.

You will see a table with all of the moving averages and the 14-day RSI used in the “Buy the Sell-off” model.


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