Bespoke Alert

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Regarding the brand new SlopeAlerts feature, TheQuietOne asked the following in the comments section:


The answer: absolutely!

Let’s take, as an example, the desire to be alerted to when the 10 day moving average crosses below the 25 day moving average (that would be a bearish alert; you’d need to make another alert for the bullish version). Here are the two exponential moving averages for the SPY over the past year or so, and as you can see, a very plain bearish signal (red arrow) and bullish signal (green arrow) were given.


Setting this up would be a piece of cake. Youd’ just want to monitor for when the 10-day EMA was below the 25-day EMA. As you are creating the alert rule, you would just type in the appropriate time period (which could be intraday or daily):


So the single rule required would look like this (you could actually combine the bullish and bearish triggers into a single SlopeAlert if you wanted to do so, but here I’ve just made it a simple bearish one):


And so, once saved, it would show up like this:


So, Quiet One, that’s how you do it! Everyone else, please be sure to create some SlopeAlerts for yourself and email me any feedback or ideas.