Split Vote

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Well, I’ve been watching the Georgia results throughout the evening. How shall I put this? It’s, umm, not a landslide for anyone.


It looks like it’ll be about a half-day more before the smoke clears, but the market doesn’t really seem to be giving any clear clues. On the one hand, the Russell thinks things are just peaches-and-cream:


Whereas the NASDAQ is none too thrilled.


One asset that continues to absolutely set the world on fire is Bitcoin (which probably cares barely two twigs about the election). It’s got another quadruple-dollar gain on its hands, pushing to lifetime highs. There’s seriously no telling when this thing is going to take a break. $40,000? $50,000? Crypto is going to be a huge global shift, but for me it’s impossible to tell if the people paying these prices are visionaries or fools.