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It was amusing to see how many people – – serious-minded, widely-read people – – were falling all over themselves to see how high a projection they could make for Bitcoin. Of course, $100,000 was virtually within days, according to the investment banks. Honest to God, this thing could be worth $0.00 in five years, or $5 million. It’s anyone’s guess. But, for now, 20% of this lunatic fantasy has vanished in the space of hours.


Oh, and just to mention it one last time for those of you who don’t hang out here on weekends – – if you didn’t read it already, please read my Peanut Butter Manifesto. I am still enjoying and benefitting from the comments!

Put ‘Er There, Part One

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Side note: if you missed The Peanut Butter Manifesto, please read it, as I’d like your thoughts.

Just as I shared my twelve short positions in two prior posts this weekend, I’d like to share my fourteen long positions. Well – – long puts. So I’m still bearish these items. But I am long puts with dates spanning from March through June on these. Here are seven, which represent half my put portfolio:

slopechart ALK

The Peanut Butter Manifesto

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Let us begin with a simple premise.

Remarks that are black are not allowed here. If you make them, you will be banned. (In this sensitive age, let me stress this is not related to race, but merely color, for the purposes of a metaphor).

The community, surely, could agree on subjects that are “black”. They could be child pornography, or animal torture, or anything else repellent and vile. That’s simple. And how easy it would be, if human thought was along these lines: