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Long, Long Wicks

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In the parlance of candlestick charting, a “wick” is the skinny line protruding either above or below the color rectangle (known as the “body”), and long wick typically denote volatility and uncertainty. The year 2020 was certainly chockablock with wicks, and below are eleven charts, constructed with annual bars, with some comments in each captioned area.

slopechart VIX
The only graph that consistently has long wicks is, understandably, volatility itself. This year was remarkable in the sheer length of the upper wick and the fact that its peak matched that of the global financial crisis in late 2008.

I Just Don’t Get It

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OK, screw it. Give me a cane, a grey beard, and put me on a front lawn so I can yell at kids. This must be where I’m at in my life. Allow me a brief confused rant:

I stumbled upon an article about the people earning the most from YouTube ads. It turned out the top one was a nine year old kid, who was scoring about $11 million a year. It mentioned his top video ever was the one I’ve placed beneath. It has over two billion views, so I figured it must be absolutely amazing.

Good God, just try to watch the whole thing. I couldn’t even make it past the first minute. It’s just a kid picking up eggs. Jesus H. Christ, people! What the hell? Is watching this dogshit actually a “life”? AIEEEEEEEEEEEEE. TWO BILLION VIEWS!

Holy Crap!

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First off, right out the gate, I want to once again encourage all paying members (from Bronze on up) to read this post (and, more importantly, fill out the very quick survey). I can tell you, as someone who has absolutely no life at all, that it’s frustrating for me that people are still in vacation mode (not answering emails, not replying to Telegrams). That’s why MLK holiday bugs me so much. I’m sick of death of “off” time. Let’s get back to WORK. I’d do away with weekends if I could. Anyway. Please read the post. Thank you.

Although I wanted my psychedelic post to be up a bit longer, I must interrupt the broadcast to point out that Bitcoin is continuing to go bananas. I am very glad not to have to hang my head in shame for dissing it. Late in November, I did an important post, Why Crypto is Better, and BTC is up 100% since then (!!!!!!) whereas gold hasn’t done dick.

slopechart BTC