ETF Reflections: Metals

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Preface to all ETF Posts: I am composing this on Thursday afternoon, so the charts will be up-to-date as of then. I wanted to make some general comments about specific ETF groupings, principally to give me a little time to not have to worry about creating new content for you good people in the near-term.

I’ve confessed that I treat gold like an ex-girlfriend after an ugly breakup. My view is poisoned. All the same, I stand by my chart. I think we’ve started to reverse, and I’ve got a bunch of puts on GLD.

slopechart GLD

It’s the same deal with silver: there’s a mountain range of overhead supply which is going to hold back any ascent.

slopechart SLV

Miners have been a total mess, and they have failed their principal uptrend. Any strength will be temporary.

slopechart GDX

It’s even more grim with the junior miners. Nothing but a drop zone.

slopechart GDXJ