Stealing From the Crypto Brokers

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Alt season is upon us, praise all the various Gods. I’m generally happy with 20%-30% a year in my “real trading”… but 20%-30% a week is absolutely possible during alt season. So how do we know it’s time to bank some serious coin?

In a week where Bitcoin and Ethereum flash crashed and are both down substantially… we actually made out like bandits.

Here are the 5 coins we are holding… entries marked by red lines.

Now that’s all fine and dandy… but it’s not the full story.

This is an intraday chart of the universe of coins. The thick red line is Ethereum, which hasn’t performed well at all.

Instead our much coveted algo selected 5 coins for us to hold this week.

SOL – strongest coin in the whole freaking world right now.

LUNA – second strongest

AVAX  – 3rd strongest

COTI– 7th strongest

QTUM – 16th strongest

It’s really important to understand what Scott and I have done here – what we accomplished building this system.

What we essentially have developed is a statistically valid way of predicting that when the market rises, the leading coins will probably rise the fastest.

And when the market gets punched in the face (like this week when everything was down 30%) we can expect a stronger bounce in the coins we hold.

And the winning doesn’t stop there. On my end I’ve been teaching my guys how to execute like professionals and take back the exchange fees, generating pretty substantial positive slippage every week.

I’m averaging .62% per week in positive slippage but I’m still catching up with Mole who’s a real wizard at cheating market makers and brokers out of their juicy margins.

If that sounds appetizing to you then you can learn how I do it right here in Scott’s video.

There has never been a better time to trade crypto than right now.

If you think it’s really really hard grafting a living from the stock or FX markets… but it’s easy right now in crypto.

If you aren’t involved already you should shoot me an email over at RPQ and get on board.