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SlopeRules for Crypto (by The Director)

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So I’ve decided to revisit SlopeRules, with application of my strategy “ADX, Long with uptrend, exit with downtrend.”

The description: Enter when ADX goes above 20 (go long). Exit when profit is >1-2% AND when ADX is below 30 (after a rise, ADX falls back down to below 30).

I applied this rule to several coins, by trading volume as of 9/12/21. I looked at the most recent 60 day period INTRADAY – meaning no gaps between days. Most coins show a >97% win rate (with the most recent period for some being a loss, because they have not yet met the closing criteria). By definition these trades can sometimes require a holding period of days to weeks, until the price of the coin rises to an all time high.

We look at the 7 most traded coins, excluding coins not available in the US and the stablecoin Tether which generally stays at a value of 1. Keep in mind there is bias, in that this will work in a bullish crypto market, but will not work in a bearish crypto environment, in which a different system is required.


New and Improved Portfolio

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Weekends do not get in the way of Slope making progress. We work harder on the weekends than the weekdays! As such, I am delighted to report a substantial improvement and a very new approach in the CryptoStream portfolio.

Let me explain the genesis of this new approach. I found two things persistently frustrating about the former way we handled portfolios:

  1. Coin Entry – the way it worked before, you’d see the list of popular symbols, and you would try to hunt down the one in which you actually had a position. If it wasn’t there, you would click More Symbols and look again. You would keep doing that until, at long last, your symbol finally appeared. Dumb! Dumb, dumb dumb!
  2. One and Only One Stop – Recently, I have decided to create multiple tiers of risk for a position. For example, if I have a big coin position, but I want to get out of 35% (for example) if one price level is violated, and 65% at a lower price levels, there was simply no way to represent that.

The new approach solves both of these problems. You simply hand-enter whatever coin you want, instead of seeking it out randomly, and with this new approach, you can enter as many different tranches of the same coin as you like.

I have completely reworked the documentation to take these improvements into account, which you can see here.