Can We Stop Sweating?

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On Monday morning, I got a sympathetic email from a fellow Sloper who was asking if I was holding tough on my XLE puts. I assured him that I was, although I mentioned I felt “horrible” at the surge (tinted below in green) which, evidently, was prompted by the latest stupid government program of waste known as the Build Back Better Boondoggle of $1.2 trillion. Mercifully, since then, the thrill of this latest travesty seems to have eased away.


Looking at the daily chart, the first important goal is to slice through this level of support:


Should it manage to do so, the target price becomes a possibility, which I’ve highlighted here:


The long-term charts of $XOI and XLE both speak well to the prospect of this target being made. I haven’t lost faith, and I appreciate the aforementioned Sloper writing to me, assuring me I wasn’t the only one sweating it out.