Out Like A Not-a-Lamb

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How pleased I was to wake up this morning and see that the redness of the market had defied all government interference and remained intact. I mean, look, people, I believe 80% of the price in stock indexes is completely fake and supported only by government fiat. I’m just trying to let the air out of the tires here.

But let’s face it, April was a good month. I mean, for anyone except that media-darling nit-wit Cathie Wood (and her male rival in awfulness, Jim Cramer). Lower lows. Lower highs. Just what makes me smile. Crumbling equities put a spring in my step and a song in my heart. As for Cathie, she was down 27% for the month. This is the same woman who promised 40% annual returns for five years straight starting this year. Yeah. Right. What a dope.

But I saw two quotes in my early morning bedtime reading that simply pissed me off. The first one is for the Chinese “Communists” (as it were) who, for the umpteenth time, have pledged to utterly interfere with their “markets” in any way they can to prop up this hysterical fraud. The summary was:

We should waste no time in planning more policy tools and enhance the strength of adjustment in due course

– Chinese Communist Party Official Statement

As the late, great George Carlin would say: “Fuuuuuuuuuuck YOU!

That kind of sentence could ONLY be constructed by a government bureaucrat. Every single world is patently false, and in the end, it says absolutely nothing. Plan more tools. Enhance the strength of adjustment. You just know whoever wrote that nonsense was a total simp.

And then there’s THIS morsel……….

The debate about whether Cathie Wood just rides beta up and beta down, or is genuinely capable of providing alpha, will continue to rage.

Russ Mould, investment director at AJ Bell

Continues to rage, Russ? Seriously? There’s debate about this?

Ms. Wood rode the fame train merely because she piled into garbage stocks that, for about a year, did nothing but go up. But far more than anything else, she had one breakaway feature that made her eligible to be on the tee-vee anytime and any place she wanted. She lacked a dick. Sort of like The Admiral, but with better hair. If she was Charlie Wood, no one would have given two shits about some guy running about buying Tesla and Teledoc.

We live in strange times, my friend. We’re surrounded by charlatans, hustlers, and dorks. Thank God Slope has provided a refuge for the last coolios with no foolios.