The Holdout

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Greetings from North Carolina again! My presence here is obviously holding back any attempt at a counter-trend rally. Things are going so swimmingly, maybe I should just stay put. Ya know, for all the Bay Area’s left-wing pretenses, Durham is WAY more truly progressive than Palo Alto is. You see, a person in Palo Alto will put a Black Lives Matter on their lawn, but they’d really prefer that all those nice black people live WAYYYYYYYY over in Oakland, where they’re meant to be, instead of close to the virtue-signaling hypocrite. Whereas in Durham, goodness gracious me, black and white people actually eat together, work together, and play together. So, yeah, Palo Alto and the entire Bay Area is kinda full of shit.

Anyway, that isn’t what this post is about. I simply wanted to point out that crude oil is being the only truly hoofy asset that’s holding up the bear party:

I will say, however, that about an hour ago I took on an XOP put position (with the remaining cash I had!!) which is already in the green.