The Near-Perfect Predictor

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Wow. I have something exceptionally cool to share with you. Something so cool, it might even compel some of my thriftier readers to get a crowbar out, crack their wallet open, and become a Gold or Platinum member. Even in the midst of my zany travel schedule, I wanted to write up this post and tell you about what I managed to figure out on a delightfully rainy Sunday morning.

Specifically, it has to do with taking this chart……….

……and this one………..

…….and this one……….

……and, implausibly, coming up with a chart that has the amazing ability to look two weeks into the future with, over the past two years, 95% accuracy.

I know this sounds like some come-on from one of those tacky long-form marketing emails, but honestly, if I was any good at marketing, I would have WAY more subscribers than I do (which reminds me, once again, to ENCOURAGE YOU TO SIGN UP – – you’ve waited long enough! Seventeen years of work should be worth SOMETHING to you!) The rest of this post, all paying members can see………hang on to your hats: