Range-Bound or Run Away?

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First off, as a reminder (and I’ll only do it a few dozen more times, promise) please click the bejesus out of my Solid State book link. I’m told it’ll help. Go ahead and click it, please! I’ll wait. Thank you!

As for the market in general, obviously everyone is going to sit on their hands until 8:30:00 on Tuesday morning. Looking at the big indexes, it’s interesting how all the NASDAQ Composite did today was push itself precisely back to that horizontal line (which is now acting as resistance, albeit modestly).

If the bulls want to absolutely kill the bears – – I’m talking dead, dead, dead – – all they really have to do is close above these horizontal lines. That would make a bad 2023 until pretty much an irretrievable disaster.

The risk for me – – and this scares me way more than financial loss – – is that I’d pretty much lose all interest in the markets. And, given the line of work I’m in, I don’t really have that luxury. The thing is, I find it very, very difficult to create content for a market which just goes up all the time without any rhyme or reason. It’s boring.

I will say one peculiar thing about being in the EST. Here I am just before 6 p.m. as I am typing this, and it seems like it’s virtually time for bed with the sun almost gone, whereas in the real world (Palo Alto) it’s the middle of the afternoon. I honestly do prefer the getting-up-at-5 a.m. routine to this time zone. In any case, regarding tomorrow, I’ll just repeat the sentence my mother said so often during my childhood but never quite understood: “Lord help us all, especially us sinners.”