Porking Out

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Normally I don’t bother with the topic of so-called progressive politics, particularly as they relate to the closest big city in my area (San Francisco), but I read something so irksome I’ve just got to share it. It is a piece called The Dream Keeper which outlines in nauseating detail how the morons and thieves in charge of the fair city of San Francisco usurped $120 million in police funds into a variety of virtue-signaling garbage grift schemes. The entire impetus for doing so was immediately following the Floyd, umm, “murder“, which is an event that I sincerely believe impacted the nation negatively to the tune of trillions, yes, trillions, of dollars in societal harm.

These days, my own blend of politics are kind of homeless (although there are flickers of hope, as I’ve mentioned), but, honestly, reading this kind of article (which I encourage you to do as well) makes me wince. Since the article is excellent, I won’t butcher it with a summary, but allow me to pluck out some of the absolute nonsensical drivel that’s foisted upon us normal, non-insane people by the kinds of wingnuts that are involved in these kinds of government scams. Brace yourself…………

  • “Dream Keeper Initiative (DKI), a grant-giving program “aim[ing] to ensure San Francisco’s diverse Black communities are experiencing joy, feelings of safety, advancing educationally and economically, are holistically healthy, and are thriving”
  • The initiative’s goals range from concrete (“provide comprehensive support for 300 Black families struggling to meet basic needs due to systemic failures and [offer] educational activities for 500 youth”) to abstract (“through…culturally affirming spaces, as well as workforce and economic development programs…increase opportunities for the Black community to feel seen and valued”).
  • $5.3 million to “Education and Enrichment” grantees, but has spent almost $10 million on “Narrative Shift” — an area funding “small nonprofits who have experience…delivering actionable projects centering racial equity that harness the power of storytelling for advocacy.
  • The Transgender District, which received $1.4 million from Dream Keeper to further a “visual storytelling project” that “highlights the lives, stories, experiences, and voices of transgender people- from transgender youth to transgender elders, in a way that is humane and celebratory.”

I offer now my own assessment of the aforementioned quotes:

I was also curious how the videos were doing that were created based on all these millions in funding. As you can see, they have garnered, in some cases, about 30 views apiece, because, frankly, no one cares.

Since the report repeatedly cited the not-at-all-surprising name of Dr. Saidah Leatutufu-Burch, I was curious what this “Dr.” looked like.

Let’s just say that this image (which, mind you, is the result AFTER a team of makeup experts and professional photographers got involved) is precisely the kind of porcine gastropod I might have expected.

Digging deeper, I see that the good Dr. has never had a real job in her life, but has instead been lumbering from one pointless government post to another, providing exactly zero value along the way.

Of course, I could weigh in on how the heavy matters of Dream Keepers are simply too large for one person, but such an accusation would make me blubber in protest. Nay, dear reader, the Dr. has a whole “team” for her glorious mission. Onward, comrades!

Look, these despises, I despise BOTH extremes of the political spectrum in the U.S. (that is to say, the left is composed of mindless, lazy welfare queens whereas the right is a bunch of simple-minded red-hatted gun-worshipping lunatics).

All I can say is that the end of 2024 is going to be one whole hell of a lot more interesting than the start, and I think the United States in which I grew up is already dead and shall never be seen again.

In the meanwhile, we know that good Doctor, who is obviously is a woman who knows her way around a funnel cake, will be enjoying her direct deposits as she continues to do not one whit of true good.