The Great Barrier Reef

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Let me introduce you to my best friend right now:

Although the bulls have a government on their side which is willing to sacrifice the future of the country for some very short-term gains, there is something the bears have on their side as well: an astonishing amount of overhead supply.

The market put on its rocket boosters from 666 to 825 because there was very little standing in its way. The fall from 825 to 666 was swift and virtually uninterrupted. The market, being a two-edged sword,  had little trouble moving the other way (a few trillion dollars in freshly-minted currency helped, too).

The point is that, even if sometime this year we do keep pushing our way higher, it's going to be quite a slog. The chart doesn't require interpretation – – – the cold fact of the matter is that from 825 to 1025 there is a giant slime pit of overhead supply that is going to make every point higher a struggle.