Recommended Reading

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I am often asked what reading I would suggest to traders that want to learn more. Well, in addition to Chart Your Way to Profits and the Slope of Hope Bathroom Reader. Here are a few others I really like……

Currency Wars – excellent and easy-to-read volume about fiat devaluation and how countries use it for both positive and negative motives. This is far and away the best book I’ve ever read about currencies, and the way he weaves history into the text makes it fascinating.

The Big Short – an absolutely superb account of the mortgage bond meltdown of 2007-2008. Michael Lewis has written another can’t-put-it-down bestseller.

Art of the Trade – Unlike anything I’ve ever read; very philosophical, very subtle – – almost sublime – – it helps you get inside the mind of a winning trader.

Fooled by Randomness – Nassim Taleb’s superb book about statistics, causality, probabilities, and the market. This is one of the best books related to trading I’ve ever encountered.

Trading in the Zone – a terrific guide to trading discipline……almost zen-like.

Technical Analysis of Stock Trends – the Bible of technical analysis. A must-read. Its advanced age its evident from its old-timey charts, but every technician must read this book.

Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns – a rigorous, statistical analysis of chart patterns and their effectiveness. Brilliant.

Education of a Speculator – fascinating amalgam of personality and trading style (even though his fund went belly-up shortly after publication!)

Market Wizards – a can’t-put-down collection of interviews with traders. Essential reading.