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The Continuing Cover Curse

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It's actually getting a little amazing to watch what's going on in the popular media. I got the latest issue of Time magazine in the mail, and check out the back cover………


Ummmmmmmm……..don't miss the bounce? Like buying DTG at $20.60 per share?

Folks, even if there's more upside from here, the "bounce" already happened! Gobbling up anything with a ticker symbol in mid-March has turned out to be brilliant for anyone who managed to do so (and who hung on until now). Stocks moving up multiple hundreds of percent – or even quadruple-digits of percent – are commonplace. I mean, hell, Ford – – makers of the Taurus! – – is up 800%!

But the notion that the common man can take advantage of some impending bounce is just pathetic. But, more important for us, as we look back on this a year from now, we'll see how it was yet another case of (…..dramatic pause.…..) the curse of the cover. <—echo-y voice.