Nathaniel’s Sai of Death (by Nathaniel Goodwin)

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Believe it or not, I spent a great deal of my youth at comic book conventions swapping TMNT merchandise, and at local flea markets purchasing dull butterfly knives and shurikens (ninja stars for you laymen). I still keep shurikens in a pouch attached to my belt at all times to fend off any danger.

When I feel my positions are in danger I will sometimes use sais (pitchforks for you laymen) as another tool to see what might be going on.

I saw dead bear carcasses all over the place Wednesday afternoon. I give you this weekly chart of IWM, you can't swing or day trade off of this, it's more for a bear morale booster, but should strike fear into the hearts of bulls across the land. After I made it, it scared me so much I wet myself.

Shout out to my Sensei Chen, master of forks.