Lessons from Sandy (by Phantomcapital)

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Life is insane.  Not
in the deranged walking around mumbling to itself way crazy, but just
insane.  It’s wild and
unpredictable.  Two weeks ago, I was
riding high on the market crashing to the ground, everything burning the way it
should.  AAPL was getting destroyed, earnings
were disappointing in a stunningly regular fashion, pressing shorts was
actually working for the first time in 2012. 
And then, as usual, life became insane.

Life is insane, through the magic of bullish fate, October’s
FOMC meeting “checked back the runner” and put a pause in the market’s
selloff.  The beautiful selloff that
bashed every gap up or 3:00 rally quickly ran out of steam due to fear that the
Bearded One would drop a bomb.  Then the
market went sideways after.  Fast forward
to Friday of last week.  The market
closes near the lows with the bears champing at the bit to let it rip on
Monday.  And then Sandy. 


Life is insane.  Sandy hits with a fury
that no New Yorker or really any other American thought possible.  Hell, even I was taunting the storm with
facebook updates saying “Category One versus NYC; you do the math.”  Well, the storm won.  Because life is insane.  The markets were closed Monday and Tuesday
and then proceeded to rip higher making every bear doubt the move of the last week
and a half.  Just when bulls were
celebrating in the streets with Moet and Johnny Walker this Friday hit.  Sell the news I guess.  Twenty uninterrupted points straight down,
ending the week right where we started.  Like
I said, life is insane.  

Life is insane, so what does this have to do with
trading?  Honestly, I’m not even
sure.  You go to bed knowing one thing
and wake up with a reality that is 180 degrees from what you knew.  Its flexibility that keeps us alive I
guess.  Did I have any clue that a hurricane
would flip my life upside down?  No.  Did I work through it?  Yes. 
Did the Fed screw up a perfect downtrend?  Yes. 
Did I work through it?  Yes.  Does it look like we have a gorgeous
downtrend forming next week?  Yes.  Will the Presidential Elections give us
another curveball?  Probably.  Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over
the bullshit and make a profit.  Like I
said, life is insane.  Roll with it.  Thanks for indulging me.

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