Binary Options: It’s Not as Complicated as It Sounds

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There are many reasons for both stock traders and gambling enthusiasts to
consider the new binary options trading (also known as digital options).
Approved by the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission as late as 2008, traders
have been enjoying these trading options for a few years. However, the industry
is still very new, offering the beginner a chance to get in and go pro while
the idea is still young. Sound complicated? It isn't. Here are several reasons
why binary options are as simple as pie, even for newbies.

1. Binary Options Offer Minimal Risk


To participate in the stock market and expect substantial returns,
investors have to put in thousands of dollars. Furthermore, in the
shaky global economy we're facing today, investors are terrified to put
money into stocks. After all, it's only been a few years since the stock market
burned us for billions. Binary options is straightforward – stocks don't have
to rise to earn you money, you simply bet on the numbers the stocks will hit,
up or down. You can even make money on stock prices when the values fall.
Investors can get started with a negligible amount, often as little as $100.

2. You Can Instantly Access Binary Options Online 


Getting a stock broker on the phone to sell when stock values are plummeting
is like finding fairy dust on the New York subway. It just isn't going to
happen. Binary options trading happens quickly, and the trades occur in
real-time. Some trades take place in as little as sixty seconds. This is
exciting for people who are thrilled with day trading, and also appeals to the
gambler who likes quick poker hands and super fast blackjack games.

3. You Can Play Binary Options With or Without a Strategy


Stock market investments take eons of your time researching industries,
individual companies, and predictions by analysts. Binary options traders can
take the time to research if they like, but the casual trader can also make a
bundle on these trades. For example, if you see a stock value climbing or
falling for several days in a row, you can choose a call/put option. Of course,
if you like to employ strategy there are tons out there to put to use earning
you money.

4. Binary Options Offer a Simple Payout Structure


When investing in the stock market, it's impossible to know if you will earn
anything, and if so how much. You may lose 100% of your investment or gain
200%. This is too much risk for some people, and binary options is the ideal
solution. The second you put your contract in place you know exactly what you
stand to gain or lose. Payouts are as simple: if you lose, you only lose the
money you invested. If you win, you earn your investment amount plus your
winnings percentage (usually between 75% and 95%, but often as high as 500%.)

5. Binary Options is Wide Open


Since this industry is still in its infancy (when compared to longstanding
investments like the stock market), therefore it's unchartered territory for
the majority of investors. If you get into the action now, you can become an expert
quickly and you'll have a head start on others as they find and enter this new
field of opportunity.

It's really rare nowadays for an entirely new industry to spring up with
such unlimited potential that's also simple and straightforward for beginners
to learn.

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