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Blame Canada

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Yesterday afternoon, it was declared that Janet Yellen (about whom, trust me, I’ll be doing an acerbic post later today) will be the new Chairhuman of the Federal Reserve. The ES started climbing, and even though I had 118 – – yes, you read that right – – 118 short positions, I was delighted. Why, Tim? Why would you feel this way? Well, young Sloper, I’m glad you asked: it’s because I wanted the ES to push back up to its broken trendline. It did so: (more…)

Rising Wedge Support Broken

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REPOST of Jack’s commentary………this time with extra-special 3-D charts!

President Obama was keen to assure the world yesterday that he was committed to talking. So much so that a statement to that effect seemed to be released about that every hour yesterday. He also called Speaker Boehner and held a Press Conference to reiterate that he was determined to talk ………. about his refusal to negotiate with the Republicans about the budget or debt ceiling until they had unconditionally conceded on both. (more…)