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This Charming Man

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Well, Peace Officer John Pike hasn’t been in the news for the past couple of years. Remember 1025-pikePike? He’s the cop who pepper-sprayed the protestors at UC Davis in 2011, back when the entire United States still had a few people willing to protest anything at all. He’s exactly what you expect a cop to look like: fat, lumbering, and with a big stupid moustache on his chubby face. The kind of asshole that writes you a ticket for not making a complete stop and takes his goddamned time about it. That kind of cop. (more…)

Looking for Clues

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I’ve had a very busy morning with offline stuff so just a quick post today. There have been two promising setups for a decent decline on SPX and ES this week and, so far at least, both have just faded away as ES has instead been forming a rough triangle. In the context of the steep preceding rise I’m inclined to interpret this triangle as a (62%) bullish pennant, so I’m leaning towards at least a test of the highs here. ES 60min chart: (more…)