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The Market Mr. Yellen Will Inherit

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I am considered by many to me a permabear. That’s an understandable assessment. I feel the same way about myself.

But the analytical Tim is somewhat different than the dogmatic Tim. The analytical Tim was on full display in a best-of-Slope post I did over three months ago¬†about the “Runaway Russell”.(Slope+ premium members got a deeper dive, along with a specific numeric prediction). (more…)

A Cyclical ‘Mini-Me’ to a Big Secular Event

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Ever since the current (final wave 5?) leg in the now 4 year, 7 month old US stock bull market generated in November of 2012, NFTRH has tried to make the point that there is no new secular bull market in US stocks. Indeed, there is a maturing cyclical bull market that has another 5 (+/-) months to live if it is to match the two previous cycles. The bubble leader, Russell 2000 does after all have a measured target of 1350 (Kisses Goodbye). (more…)