Excellent Article to Comprehend the Valley

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This morning, a thoughtful Sloper sent me this excellent article about the Silicon Valley and how it has broken into two sweeping classes: the rich (Zuck, Sandberg, et. al.) and those who mow their lawns, wash their cars, watch their kids, get their groceries, and otherwise deal with the mundane aspects of life as a human. (I’m not sure where I am into this dichotomy; I will assign myself a special category of Disgruntled Misanthropes Writing Jeremiads).

1130-lowellNow, since Slope endeavors to start far ahead of the mainstream media, I’ll point out that I’ve written many posts about the wealth divide here in my little burg. One, called Zuck’s World, directly discusses the Menlo Park “slum” in the aforementioned article, whereas a more recent screed, Unreal Estate, reveals the nuttiness happening in home prices. (I say a thankful prayer daily that I bought my house in 1991………..suckers!)

I’m glad to live where I live. It’s a pleasant enough place. But – except for Halloween adventures – it’s more than a little disturbing to be in the midst of what’s going on around me. I’ve got to tell you, the quantity of brazely arrogant young assholes is soaring rapidly. It would be nice for the feces to hit the fan in a glorious way, just to teach the population of the increasingly-degenerate Bay Area some lessons to beat down their ubiquitous hubris.