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Quiet Passing of Ten Years

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Just an end-of-day comment cleaner to quietly acknowledge something I’m stunned I didn’t remember – the tenth year anniversary of the purchase of my company (Prophet Financial Systems) by Investools. I actually missed the anniversary by a few days – – the life-changing event for me was on January 26, 2005 – – but I at least wanted to tip my hat to this very happy occasion and share the final segment of my Prophet series which discusses that final phase in my life at a startup……….

The Last Bear Standing Is A Bull

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The annoying thing about late stage bull markets and in particular the formation of long term tops is that they take forever to play out. Navigating increasingly volatile swings accompanying the final throws of a dying bull cycle takes considerable amounts of patience, discipline, as well as skill. Like Bob The Horse reminded us the other day: Bear markets go out in a bang and bull markets go out in a whimper.

Now the dirty little secret about early stage bear markets is that the last bear standing is usually a bull. Yes, you read that right. Traditionally it’s not weak handed bears who take down a bull market, it’s simply a lack of buyers. Guess what – all those snarling bears who were printing some mighty coin in 2008 are long gone, wiped out during their persistent attempts to call a top when there was nothing but green candles ahead. I myself have seen their (virtual) faces disappear right here – one by one they simply vanished. The few who survived the ravages of one of the most significant bull markets in history relented and changed their approach just in time before their accounts had melted away like late winter snow in the glows of a spring sun.


Bearish Confirmation

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Just a very quick post this morning as I needed to take my daughter to the orthodontist and only got back a few minutes ago.

A rare day yesterday with a strong decline sustained into the close, rare in itself but very rare on FOMC day. The wind may be changing. The bulls had to break back up over the middle band and totally failed to do that.

This break back below the SPX daily middle band delivers two downside targets. The first is possible range support in the 1990 area, with the daily lower band just below it at 1987. If that fails then the obvious next target is the 50% fib retracement of the move up from 1820,l and that is at 1957. SPX daily chart:

150129 SPX Daily Main Chart