The ECAT Revolution

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Roughly one year and a half ago we posted here on Slope of Hope a reference to a new source of cheap energy that was being tested and developed, the so-called “energy catalyzer” (ECAT) by Andrea Rossi (now acquired by Industrial Heat).

There has been a lot of rumors and developments in this field since, then, but one thing is interesting and we are going to point it out now.

On October 8, 2014 a group of scientists published a paper where they report the results of a 32-days test of the ECAT reactor by Andrea Rossi.

The test was performed in Lugano, Switzerland from 24 Feb 2014 to 29 Mar 2014, so we can say that coming the first days of April 2014 it was already known by insiders that the results were good and give it a month of two it was starting to look certain that this reactor will be able to change completely the current global energy paradigm, if deployed on a large scale.

It’s probably a coincidence that Crude Oil broke through all previous support levels around October 8th and then collapsed, as you can see in the chart below, but still an interesting coincidence with the publishing of the ECAT report…