Emotional Breakdown

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Well, I just placed my third binary trade this morning, and I closed it a winner. So that’s 2 out of 3 – – not a terrible start. I’m obviously taking things very slowly. Poor old Butch and Dutch have had to put up with me, though, as it went something like this:


That is:

(A) Sell signal is generated for both gold and silver. I put in orders for both but, remembering Dutch suggested not to put in two correlated trades, I take off silver and leave the gold sell in at a higher-than-suggested price of $51. Gold surges soon thereafter and I get filled

(B) The trade is a total loser, and I piss, whine, and moan to Butch for no particular reason. He takes it in stride, God bless him.

(C) Gold plunges, and I cover the trade at a profit. Chagrined, I put up this post.