Another Bit of Palo Alto For You

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Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve made you aware of a real estate offering in my fair city, so I present you now with 221 Santa Rita Avenue here in Palo Alto. For the low price of $3.4 million (well, that’s the ask – – it’ll surely go for a lot more with many offers) you can call this place your own personal palace:

Need space? How does 994 square feet strike you? That’s nearly 1,000 whole square feet for whatever parties, soirees, or other entertainment ideas you may have.

Of course, if you glance at Zillow, which I’ve found to be pretty reflective of market values, you may scratch your head over the 50% premium being asked for the place……


Meh. Don’t worry about it…………….it’s Palo Alto! Jump on it! (And please take note that whatever price you pay will be the basis for your annual property taxes for as long as you own this stunning dwelling).