The FANG’s are Toothless (by Bob Kudla)

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While the entire U.S. population slumbers under the suffocating gas of Central Bank Printing the cracks from totally stealing an entire populations disposable income is coming home to roost on the the beautiful people’s companies.  The FANG’s, plus the Noveau rich’s favorite food emporium is starting to collapse.  It is these companies collapsing that will bring the visibility and fear required to shake the market, and free the bears.  Why?

This is this generation’s Nifty Fifty, in the sense that it totally dominates the young people’s waking life (I know, I have a 15 year old), the California chattering and Chardonnay class, and the Investment Bankers seeing their Unicorns racing back to Atlantis, and with it billions in fees and investor’s fortunes.

The entire mantra has been online more than makes up for bricks and mortar, and yet Facebook and Google are now struggling for acceptable growth, Netflix has tired movies, Apple is in a saturated market with nothing to change the world, and with products people can afford, and Whole Foods is now going down market.  Wait until they meet Aldi’s and we already have a down market Trendy/organic market, called Trader Joe’s.  They are toast.

This market is on the last legs of a Jenga bender and and another plank has just been pulled out. Enjoy the charts.

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