The Wisdom of Slope (by Bob Kudla)

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Trading is a uniquely rewarding experience; you get to match wits with everyone else as you try to amass wealth. There is no trying, there is no second place, and excuses don’t pay the bills. So whenever you can become part of a community that equally shares your passions, goals, and ambitions,  you embrace it.  Slope is such a place.  But before anyone gets confused that this is some mushy feel good post, let me disabuse you of that notion.

You need a community like Slope. Here is why.

As I just discussed, like minded people who care for your success and understand what you are SOH-Logo-Mangoing through day after day helps you become a better trader. Your dumb notions or bright ideas that you alone thought up has probably been tested by another on this blog and found wanting. Them speaking up to tell you that is not being critical, it is saving you money. So take any and all jabs and criticisms in that vein. Also this community has a unique ability to weed out the spammers, charlatans, and those whose main purpose is to tear down a community. I am thankful for that, as it allows for an appropriate level banter and grab ass, yet not malignant commentary.

I also believe a certain level of the untouchable conversations are OK (religion, sex, politics, etc.) and debate and disagreement is healthy, even if said conversations are pointed ones, and challenge your worldview.  We spend a lot of time in boredom as we await our set ups and bar talk is inevitable, plus this is how you form long term friendships, and learn things that you’d never imagine.

But the real secret sauce of Slope is the PHD in trade setups and edges given by Sloper’s over the years. It is impossible for me to see someone consistently lose money if they are even remotely paying attention here.

Here are a smattering, with attribution if I remember correctly.  Forgive any oversights or forgotten edges.


Trend-lines and horizontals

Spread your bets, small capital per trade.

Market Sniper

The 3:30 ramp on down days

The average weekly gain in SPY is under 1.5%

Range/trend day based on first hour of trading

The whole NADEX thingy

The Butcher

The dirty Water Dog, is the lunch time short term reversals from trend

The Opening Print trade

The three day consolidation, fourth day breakout (Like today)

The Thursday before OPEX week low

The OPEX week Bull trend

20 great Biotech picks


Buy the Opening dip

Buy the SD2 -,  on ES

The run to VWAP

Short the SD2+, on ES


The Nip/Tuck attractor on price, regarding Market Profile, scale in and out.


CL opening gap trade


Moving Average trend reversal

Yours Truly

80% rule on Traversing the value range when price moves into it for an hour during RTH

Turnaround Tuesday

Tuesday Night massacre or joy on the PM’s

The 1:30 reversal into close, especially Thursdays on a down week with XIV

Wednesday close, short the Index during a bull run.

When in doubt buy XIV

I have incorporated nearly all of these into my trading, based on what I am trading and my results have benefited by these great traders.  This information is worth thousands of dollars, and it is given freely.

Thank you Tim, and thank you everyone who makes this a great place to hang out every day.