U.S. Congress: Focus on Economy NOT Political Obstruction

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Economic data released today on the Chicago PMI (Purchasing Manager’s Index) shows how much the U.S. economy is urgently in need of fiscal stimulation.

With barely a whimper above the 50 expansion level, the health of its economy is set to drop into contraction territory soon (as it did in 2009 following the depressed signals forecast by similar low numbers produced in 2007/08), unless Congress begins to cooperate and focus on real issues that support its claims of being number one in the world arena when it comes to economic (and military) might, instead of playing economically dangerous political games in unnecessarily obstructing the advancement of the new Trump administration, cabinet confirmations, and economic and security agendas.

In other words, Congress is attempting to discredit their own claims of world importance by playing silly games — at the expense of its citizens who elected them to serve them and their interests and safety — and end up looking transparently foolish and self-serving in the process.

Source: Forex Factory

Source: Forex Factory