Moore On Markets

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As you all know, in a shocking upset to Trump’s power, Doug Jones beat Roy Moore in the Alabama Senatorial election last night, giving Alabama its first Democratic senator in a quarter century. This jaw-dropping surprise led to a catastrophic drop in the equity markets of about one-third of a single percentage point, followed, of course, by a complete shake-off and rebound to the green.


Nuclear missiles. Political upsets. Crushing debt. Rising interest rates. It all means one thing. An equity market that just drifts higher……….and higher………..and higher still.


On a happier note, I wanted to point out an improvement in my beloved SlopeCharts which came from one of its users. He wrote and said that the dozens of menu choices would be more convenient if they were accessible in the right-click menu of the chart. In a real company, this feature would be reviewed by a design committee, given to engineering management to go into the queue, and be developed within the year by the team. In the case of lil’ bitty SlopeCharts, we turned around this request into reality in, oh, about two hours.


So, in sum, just right-click anywhere inside the chart, and you’ll have much quicker access to everything you need.