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Reflecting on 2017: Part Two of Three

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Preface to all three parts: 2017 has been an exciting year for Slope, and I went looking among the literally thousands of posts this year to find what I considered the most intriguing. I earmarked twenty-one of them, and since that is too much for a single post, I’ve broken them into three equal parts. Here, then, are seven of my favorite posts from the year and a few words about each one. Thank you, Slopers, for making this place thrive for so many years.

  • Not Even Worth a Binder – In which I decide there’s absolutely nothing about Martin Armstrong worth considering.
  • Two Blondes, Two Fates – Marissa Mayer and Elizabeth Holmes. What are their similarities and differences, and why did one succeed while the other flopped?
  • SlopeCharts is Live! – I excitedly announce the launch of my latest creation, which has been gobbling up my time ever since.
  • Streetwise – this is probably my best-written post of the entire year. It’s about Zachary, who lives on the streets of Palo Alto. It also prompted a generous response from Slopers who sent him a surprising amount of cash to help.
  • What Rich Used To Be – the massive changes that have taken place over the past few decades that have altered the meaning of rich, poor, and middle class.
  • Blessings In Disguise – A look back at my life’s misfortunes and how they transformed themselves into positives, once some time had passed.
  • Ego Salieri – A long post about my career and some bitter disappointments along the way.

Probably A Dip To Buy

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I was seeing a possibility of a retracement  last night and was talking about that this morning in my premarket vid. The 60min sell signals on ES and NQ have made target but there is a strong case on NQ for a hit of a wedge support trendline currently in the 6460 area and that has not yet been hit. On TF this is likely to be a pullback to establish a rising support trendline before the high probability retest of the all time high, though obviously this is a big news bomb week. Intraday Video – Update on ES, NQ and TF:


My Amazement About Those Turning Bullish On The Banking Sector Now

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With the Nasdaq continuing higher this past week, it has now reached our minimum target we were looking for before a pullback may be seen. But, I think the XLF may be providing us with certain clues about how 2018 may turn out. And, it may not be as rosy as many believe. Well, at least the first half of the year.

Anecdotal and other sentiment indications

Interest rates are rising. Tax obligations will likely be dropping. And, many believe this could be a wonderful environment for our banks to thrive. In fact, I am seeing many Wall Street analysts picking the banking sector as one of their favorites for 2018. Well, I certainly cannot concur, based upon what I am seeing in my charts, which provide insight into market sentiment.

As markets move higher and higher, for some reason, people turn more and more bullish. I mean, the drive that most consumers have to find the best price for the goods and services they desire is conspicuously absent from the greater investor community. (more…)