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Shut Happens

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Well, it seems that our oh-so-useful, oh-so-effective Federal Government is out of money. Well, it’s massively insolvent already, but what I’m saying is that their pretend accounting has reached a point where they can’t spend any more FakeBux to keep the lights on. So about a million non-essential workers get furloughed (which begs the question – – why should they even have jobs at ALL if they aren’t essential?)

Anyhoo, don’t distress. This things typically don’t last that long.


FRED Is Coming to SlopeCharts

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It’s been relatively quiet in SlopeCharts-land lately, but that’s because the elves and I are hard at work on the latest new data release: the entire FRED database.

This is a mountain of data, dwarfing anything I’ve ever worked with before. We are going to have literally hundreds of thousands of new charts that open up an entirely new dimension to the product. If you haven’t tried SlopeCharts yet, please do so (it’s free……) and stay tuned for the launch!

Getting Our Arms Around the Big Issues

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Since everyone’s obsessed with the potential shutdown, let’s reflect a moment of the engines of government working right now. For instance – – although a $21 trillion debt and its suffocating interest is going utterly and completely ignored by every politician in the country………(and that doesn’t include unfunded liabilities):


We here in California at least benefit from bold leadership on the big issues.