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Preloaded Watch Lists in SlopeCharts

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OK, it’s only the third day of the year, and we’ve already introduced TWO major new features (and two minor ones) to SlopeCharts! Not bad for a free product, is it? (And, although I can’t believe it, we’ve finished another major feature, which I’ll announce tomorrow).

The latest is something I’ve been wanting to do a while: Preloaded Watchlists. These are basically ready-to-use lists of common groupings (like the components of the S&P 100, the Dow Industrials, and so forth) which you can fetch with a mouse click. I’m planning to add plenty more lists, too, in order to save you – – yes, you – – time.

To use it, just click the Watch Lists link and choose Preloaded Watchlists:



Two Oft-Requested SlopeCharts Improvements

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Yes, today is basically SlopeCharts day, people. Lots of new stuff to report. (Be sure to read the prior post if you haven’t already).

First of all, one of the most frequently-requested tweaks is to NOT revert back to “pointer” mode when using drawn objects. For instance, if you want to draw a lot of trendlines. Now we have that in Preferences. It will stay in whatever drawing object mode you choose until you expressly change it back to pointer.