And Yet They Persisted

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Ya know, normally I would be tap-dancing on the roof with glee. I mean, just LOOK at this:

OVER ONE-TENTH OF A TRILLION DOLLARS GONE. Poof! That sort of thing would normally have me grinning from ear to ear.

And yet this “Trump wins trade war” rally near the end of today’s trading session just feels like someone pissing all over my face. Honestly. I’m not sure Zuckup’s Fuckup can cure our ills. It just seems that each day some so-called good news is thrust out to save the day.

Anyway, if I had listened to my kids, this would’ve been an easy trade. And why? Simple: “No one uses Facebook anymore.” That’s the mantra of the young.

But what sends chills through me is that the overall market is POISED FOR BLASTOFF. The only asterisk to that statement is that the volume is, having measured it with out best scientific instruments, approximately zero.

Notwithstanding that fact, I’m concerned the two remaining bears on the planet (oh, wait, he just committed suicide – – just me then) are sitting on a powder keg.

UPDATE: More like $150 billion gone now. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of folks, either.

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