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Economic Combustion Powering SPX to Test All-Time High?

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A big-picture perspective of the S&P 500 (SPX) shows that the most recent up-leg off of the June 28 low at 2691.99 has climbed to a new high at 2816.25, or +4.6%.  In so doing, the SPX has hurdled its prior two significant rally peaks at June 13 (2791.47) and at March 13 (2801.90), positioning the index for upside continuation to my next optimal target zone of 2845-2860. 
Should such a scenario unfold, the SPX, in effect, will be climbing towards a test of its all-time high at 2872.87 from January 26 of this year. Only a break below 2789 will trigger initial signals that the June-July up-leg needs a breather.


Gold/Silver Ratio: Rising for a Month Now

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Well, look who is sporting a bullish looking pattern on its daily chart. It’s probably NFTRH‘s most watched indicator outside of the T Bond Continuum.

As you can see, a rising Gold/Silver ratio (GSR) attended the market stock market disturbances in February and March and a declining GSR has attended the relief, i.e. the expected ‘top-test’ by the S&P 500 that has ground on since roughly the same time that GSR topped in late March.

The GSR has spent a lot of the post-financial crisis era in dysfunction mode, but so far in 2018 it is working as we’d normally expect; it rises with market liquidity contraction and declines with risk ‘on’ and an absence of liquidity events.

So, is that indeed a bull pattern? Can we assign such TA to a ratio as opposed to a stock or an index? Valid questions, but all things being equal stock and/or commodity bulls would probably rather not see a pattern like that. What can’t be argued is that gold’s ratio to silver has been increasing for a month now. (more…)

Countdown to Intel

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Next Thursday afternoon is going to be a monster for earnings reports – Amazon and Intel. Obviously the Friday following will be a big mover in one direction or another (although, give the past 9 years, I can only assume New Lifetime Highs).

I wanted to share Intel in particular since it has a recent gap at 52.48. If it remains below this, we’ve got a failed bullish breakout, which is significant, because otherwise this is a hell of a gorgeous bullish setup. Indeed, if the price seals up that gap and pushes above it again (which won’t take much doing), Intel could have years of gains ahead of it.

What a Difference Six Years Makes

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There was a time, many years ago, that Netflix was this scrawny little small-cap stock of a firm that mailed DVDs to monthly subscribers. I was an early user of Netflix, and I absolutely loved it. (They are based here in the Bay Area). No one dared dream they would have a market cap of over $160 billion, as they do today. If you told someone ten years ago that Netflix would dwarf General Electric in terms of value, they would have laughed you right out of the room.

Although it’s a darling these days, six years ago, Netflix was absolute dog meat. They had introduced a product called Qwikster, which was considered the biggest product debacle since New Coke. By late summer of 2012, the stock had fallen 80%. Now just take a moment and consider that. Try to imagine, say, Amazon falling from 1844 to 377 in the span of a few months. On top of this, it’s not like they were in the throes of an economic meltdown. This was 2012, when the recover and QE fever were all the rage. So NFLX was garbage, and the news media reflected it: (more…)

Oil Nears Potential Turning Zone (by MoneyMiser21)

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The mighty weight of Slope’s bear power has been fully focused in oil as of late, as our beloved and hard working leader called a top on the black gold with accuracy that Dennis Gartman would pay for in U.S. dollar terms. (editor’s note: I’m touched!)

But is it time to pause or reverse? A bit of price and time analysis on the daily chart reveals a potential zone of trouble for bears.

First, let’s look at price.

When the front month contract switched to September on Tuesday evening, price gapped lower on the continuous chart to the top of the zone predicted by prior swing retracements in price amount during this bull market.


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