Earnings Calendar Now Live

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Another day, another feature. But before I mention it, I’ve added a new menu to Slope called Tools, because it was getting kind of crowded up there.

Beneath this new menu itself is a new item called Earnings Calendar, and you can probably guess its function. Click it, and it will show you all the earnings announcements happening that day and whether the announcement will be before, during, or after market hours.

Since many of you will be trying this page on a weekend, the page will say that there aren’t any announcements (because, ya know, it’s the weekend and all) but you can click the left and right arrows where the date is shown to scroll through.

This first version of the page is extremely simple, and by the time you read this post, it might already have some improvements. But the general idea is the same, and keep in mind, you can get your own self-centered version of this by going to the Custom Earnings Page, which focuses specifically on earnings dates based on your own watchlists.