Falter or Halter?

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I was briefly looking at some charts on a non-SlopeCharts platform, and a trendline I had drawn looked like the item below. As you can see, now the trendline was magically ripped away from the anchor points. This would NEVER happen on SlopeCharts. So I wanted to take this opportunity to again suggest, nay insist, you give SlopeCharts a try if you haven’t already. It’s free, it’s fantastic, and it’s getting better every week.

Anyway, the equity markets continue on their tear, although at this moment it’s a mild morning (up about .15%). The ES just about tagged its target price of 2800. The question at this point is if this small flag pattern honors its role as a continuation or not. Cross 2800, and the bulls get another breath of life.

And just a hats-off to the bond market, which scurried away from its trendline beautifully (and, even moreso, the utilities, which got whacked 3% yesterday).

Oh, and a big HURRAY for humanity in hearing the news that all those Thai boys were rescued. What a happy ending!

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