Famine to Feast

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I’ve got to say, I’m getting awfully tired of this crap.


Anyway, since the market is getting boosted on a daily basis by the goddamned Trade Talk Optimism, the only chance for a two-way market and a little volatility is the earnings season. It’s still a little early, because, let’s face it, the market isn’t exactly going to be driven by the likes of WD-40 for direction.


Starting next week, however, we’ll start to get some heavy hitters, particularly in the financial space.


I would like to point out that, while U.S. indexes are on the cusp of new lifetime highs, the worldwide markets have a much, much harder road ahead. The EFA, for example, has a mountain of overhead supply starting at about the $66.40 level.

slopechart EFA

Whereas the EZU has an important dividing line at about $40. I find the “battling patterns” below to be mesmerizing.

slopechart EZU

Anyway, this market is getting seriously hard to stomach. I’m going to once again turn my attention to product development, because at least that’s something I can control.