Halfway House

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Well, folks, here we are at the 50% mark of 2019. Simply stated, everything is up. Let’s walk through the big cash indexes in order of symbols; I’ve captioned each one along with the approximate price gain in percent.

Dow Jones Composite 15%
NASDAQ Composite 20%
Gold Bugs Index 20%
Dow 30 Industrials 14%
NASDAQ 100 20%
S&P 100 15%
Russell 2000 16%
Semiconductor Index 26%
S&P 500 17%
Dow 20 Transports 14%
Dow 15 Utilities 16%
Gold Sector 18%
Broker/Dealer index 12%
Major Market Index 15%
Oil Index 8%

Oh, there was ONE thing that fell hard, and I’m afraid it didn’t provide any relief for the bears either. That is, of course, volatility.

Volatility down over 30%
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