Subtract. Ad.

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After due consideration, I am happy to announce that I have eliminated advertisements on the Slope of Hope. There are a few reasons behind this:

  1. This is a subscription-supported site. I want to focus on developing new products and features for my subscribers to the exclusion of almost everything else;
  2. Since I am a Diamond member, I never saw the ads, but on the rare occasions I would log off and see what non-premium members saw, I found the ads running to be aesthetically displeasing. Simply stated, they made Slope look ugly, which I don’t want.
  3. When you’re on Slope, I want you focused on Slope, not an ointment.

To be clear, there is still content in all the places where the ads used to be, but 100% of this content is dedicated to promoting Slope features and the many benefits of getting a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Diamond subscription. In other words, I’m going to keep nudging and poking non-subscribers until they join the rest of us. And, as usual, the get rid of all these promotional banners, all you need to do is subscribe (even at the lowest Bronze level).

My advertising revenue – – which at times has been surprisingly substantial – – is going to go to $0.00 now, but I think Slope will be better for it.

farewell, ads!