Lady’s Man

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Years ago, my parents put together a huge scrapbook of photos and mementos of my childhood. One of my beloved children was going through it and happened to see one of the more amusing entries.

Back in my home state of Louisiana, I lived next door to a girl my age who was absolutely stunning. Even as a little kid, I knew she was beautiful, and so I always liked to see her. Some of our friends even put on a mock “wedding” for us, tossing handfuls of flowers at us as we “walked down the aisle” (just a patch of the back yard).

Anyway, I guess all of this romance got the better of her, and in her cleanest handwriting, she sent me the following:


Adorable, isn’t it? Especially with the arrow-through-the-heart at the end.

And, so, this deserved a reply. So here comes Mister Smooth:


I’m afraid this explains a lot.