Shared Studies in Action

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Now that shared technical study sets are live (read about them here if you haven’t already), I was eager to see if – – well, frankly – – they were at all useful. So I jumped in to look around, and one of the newly-available sets caught my eye:


Intrigued, I fired up the SPY chart and used Gerald’s indicator. Indeed, this sucker seems to nail really important market bottoms.


Which prompts the question: so how far are we from a “major bottom” right now? As I’ve tinted below, a loooooooooong way.


I’d like to thank Gerald for sharing his study, and for the love of God and all the hard work I do for you 365 days a year, emulate his example and share your own study sets. The community matters, and it would do your soul some good to click that Share button. Danke schoen. God save the bears.