Holy Cryp!

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My experience as a crypto noob has been superb so far. I garnered a 30% gain in a matter of days, thanks to this honey, Bitcoin Cash:

What was interesting to me was the brief “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre” which chopped thousands of dollars off Bitcoin. Almost all alt-coins fell, but they hit a low precisely – – I mean to the penny!!! – – where I assumed support would be. They then dusted themselves off and proceeded to recover. BCH has completed what I consider to be a dynamite right triangle bullish pattern.

Litecoin, of which I owned a smaller amount, also fell hard and hit support with exquisite precision.

Here is a sampling of some of the crypto charts I have been touting, and I would say to good effect. Most of them are sporting some version of an inverted head and shoulders pattern.

In the midst of this eye-popping gains in the world of completely fictitious digital contrivances, how is the “true” money, honored for thousands of years, doing? I think you already know: